I live inĀ Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. There are a multitude of things to do and see in Brisbane, and since I work in the city, I thought it would be a great idea to start gathering information on the cultural, artistic, architectural and quirky delights Brisbane has to offer. This could be then used as a reference for those who were looking to travel to our fair city, or those locals who wanted to find out more about the city they live in. What to do at sentosa singaporeĀ 

After spending a year daily blogging about my family, I thought I’d try something a little more challenging. The travel and tourism blog I created aims to discover the hidden and not so hidden delights of Brisbane city. Each day, a new photo and article of a particular element of the city has been posted. The intent is to continue this through all of 2007 and create a valuable cross referenced resource on the more esoteric elements of the city.

In the course of this work, I’ve found that I have a penchant for historical and artistic sculpture, along with a new appreciation for the architecture of the many and varied buildings of the city. For example, Cezary Stulgis and Sebastian Di Mauro are two sculptors whose work I have fallen in love with. I’ve discovered the first statue erected in Brisbane of Thomas Joseph Byrnes. I’ve contrasted the differences between The Batman Building and Customs House, both from quite different eras in the city’s history. I’ve also discovered new parks, gardens and walkways that I would not have explored previously. It has allowed me to delve into the history of the city, although young on the worldly stage that I would not have appreciated otherwise.

That isn’t to say that I’m ignoring the icons of Brisbane, so far covering the Story Bridge, Treasury Casino, and the Queen Street Mall, just to name a few. Brisbane has so much to offer that I’m sure over the course of the year I will continue to unearth new and exciting elements of the city, which I will continue to share.