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Amazing Computer Wallpaper Designs

Are you tired of your old Windows theme as a computer wallpaper design? Do you wish you could personalize your computer background with pictures and images that will truly capture anybody’s attention? If you answered yes to both questions, then it’s time to ditch the old Windows color theme and get a creative computer wallpaper design. Here’s how to look for the most popular design that will make your computer monitor come to life:

    1. If you don’t have a specific site and design in mind, type in computer wallpaper design on your browser and explore some of the top pages on the list. Most of these sites have an alphabetical listing of the various wallpaper designs that they have; you may view as well as click to apply (if this option is possible).


    1. Computer wallpaper designs are not just about simple everyday objects but also extraordinary and surreal things as well. Use your imagination and try to search for the most bizarre computer background that you can think of, type it on the search bar and enter. You may be surprised that anything under the sun can be made into a computer wallpaper theme.


    1. People who love playing online games are in for a treat. There are 3D computer images that they can download or purchase online. If you love playing online games then live your passion by using this type of computer background.


    1. People who travel will delight in millions of pictures and images of scenery, landscapes and still shots of different places around the world. Different cultures, people, scenic spots, beaches, traditions and festivities are common topics. You may search for a specific place using your browser and capture the image or save the image (if this is allowed by the site) on file to make it as a computer desktop display. Other than searching for amazing places online, you can also use your own photos for wallpaper instead.


  1. Computer wallpaper designs can also speak about your taste. If you love modern art or contemporary pieces, you may look for this type of design online. If the site allows you to save image and download or purchase, save this image on file and use it for a wallpaper design later. With the Internet, you can find any type of art imaginable or try newer art forms like abstract art or Goth. These types are the most in popular wallpaper designs in the web today.

These are just some of the simple ways to make your dull monitor screen better, brighter and with more life. Remember though that desktop images require memory space, be sure you have appropriate space before you download and save. Make the most of it and try 3D wallpapers or HD computer wallpapers to make your computer background the envy of all. Other than your computer, personalizing your iPad, android phone and portable gadgets are also possible, check out amazing desktop backgrounds online to add personality to your computer and everyday gadgets.

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General Data Loss Scenarios

Data loss must be identified from information inaccessibility, which include may arise from a network outage. Even while the two have substantially similar consequences, information inaccessibility is temporary while information loss is permanent. Data loss is also discrete from information spill, even though the term “data loss” has been sometimes used in those incidents. Data loss incidents can, nevertheless, even be information spill incidents, in case media containing sensitive data is lost and subsequently acquired by another party. Nevertheless, information spills are possible without the information being lost in the originating side.

Several Types of data loss cases

Intentional Activity

  • Intentional removal of a data file or software program.
  • Unintentional Activity
  • Unintentional removal of a data file or software program.
  • Malfunctioning of CDs or Memory sticks.
  • Administration computer errors
  • Unfeasibility to read unidentified file format


  • Power outage, ensuing in information in volatile computer memory not being saved to permanent computer storage.
  • Computer hardware failure, which include a head crash in a hard disc drive.
  • A software system crash or freezing, resulting in information not being saved.
  • Software system glitches or poor usability, which includes not sustaining a data file Del command.
  • Business failure (seller bankruptcy), where information is stored using a computer software seller using Software-as-a-service and SaaS data escrow has not happened to be provisioned.
  • Data file corruption error, which include file system corruption or database error.


  • Natural calamity, earthquake, flood, hurricane, etc.
  • Flame.
  • Criminal offense
  • Stealing, hacking, sabotage, etc.
  • A malicious human activity, such as a worm, computer virus, hacker or fraud of physical media.

Surveys have consistently shown computer hardware failure and human fault to be two most typical factors that cause data loss, accounting for approximately three quarters of all incidents. A normally overlooked reason is a natural disaster. And even though the chance is small, the only way to retrieve from data loss arising from a natural disaster is to store backup data in a physically separate location.

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